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Archive for februari, 2022

Floor plans & Marketing

Publicerad: 28 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Floor plans and marketing material

Floor plans

Click here for a detailed map of possible layouts to the event space including cinema seating, area plan, and other configurations. The space can hold 1000 people cinema seating as well as a split configuration that allows 300 + 200 people in different ’rooms’, the plan also includes a banquet reception among others.



Marketing folder

In the attached file you’ll find the detailed information about the space and its capacity in a printable format. Let us know if you want our support (contact) to pitch the space to a client.

Here you will find the marketing folder in swedish Science Village Hall.

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Publicerad: 28 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Booking request and contact

Science Village Hall in the Loop will open in January 2025. Even if the building isn’t finished yet, you are welcome to contact us with a booking request or questions about Science Village Hall or The Loop. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We have a new website: www.sciencevillagehall.se

Laila Olsson
Sales & production manager
Meetings, Events & Live Entertainment
+46 722 10 16 46

Daniel Lövgren
Technical & production manager
Meetings, Events & Live Entertainment
+ 46 730 94 90 41

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Address to Science Village Hall in the Loop: Odarslövsvägen 95, 22484 LUND. Coord: lat 55.730161, lon 13.243847.

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About Science Village Hall

Publicerad: 17 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |
Science Village Hall speakers evening

Concert – Congress – Event

We have a new website: www.sciencevillagehall.se

Science Village Hall will be located in the Loop building, in the heart of Science Village, Lund. Science Village Hall seats a thousand people and will be perfect for all types of events from major scientific conferences and lectures to big dinners, concerts, musicals, and theater performances. Science Village Hall will be the largest multi-purpose venue space in Lund and will open in January of 2025.

Science Village Hall in the university city of Lund, 20 – 30 minutes from Copenhagen and Malmö. Take a short tram ride from the inner city (and its hotels) and you’ll find Science Village.

Book now!
Available for use fall of 2024. Contact.

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Multi-purpose space for all occasions

Capacity of 1.000 people and seating for 920 (in three floors).

Big space
720 sqm floor for trade fairs and expos.

Flexible stage
7 meters (10m with podiums) deep, 18m wide & 0.8m high.

Telescopic seating
Pushed in and out rapidly from the wall.



Divider wall
Split the space into two separate conference halls.

Easy setup
Ground level loading access to stage, lift platform to floor.

Artificial reverberation system
Rock’n’roll venue to a classical concert hall with a flick of the switch.

Spacious backstage in two levels
Four dressing rooms and lounge area.


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Science Village in northeast of Lund is a growing city district that will develop into a knowledge centric and flourishing research and innovation hub in the coming years.

The Loop, at the heart of Science Village, is being built by Skanska and is owned by Vectura. The Loop is not only home to Science Village Hall, but also the co-working space and conference facilities of Level Two (Altitude Meetings) as well as office space for innovation centric businesses.

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Level Two in the Loop

Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Level Two – Connecting Science + Business!

Welcome to Level Two – Altitude Meetings new ground-breaking meeting and conference facilities in Lund! Located inside The Loop, there will be professionally designed conference rooms, top class co-working spaces, opportunities to work with proven methods for collaboration, and a network that lets you connect science and business – for real.

When The Loop opens in 2024, Altitude Meetings will operate Level Two – 1,500 square meters of meeting space. The Loop will be their third venue – they already run the highly appreciated conference center STUDIO Meetingpoint in Malmö and Stadshallen in Lund. 

Level Two consists of several large conference rooms and 90 co-working seats. Altitude Meetings are re-thinking a lot of things and always testing new ways to do things. For example: 10 of the 90 co-working places will be free of charge. People will pay with their knowledge instead of money. Why? Because Altitude Meetings believes this will support the collaboration culture. 

At Level Two you will be able to be part of the Collaboration Arena. This is where solutions to present and future challenges will be processed. Altitude Meetings unique methodology, The Bridge Method, will be used for finding solutions to future challenges. The Collaboration Arena is a place for unexpected and cross border partnerships emancipating from a common interest or value.

Read more about Level Two here

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Altitude Meetings – meeting facilitator at Level two in The Loop

At Level Two, Altitude Meetings will offer co-working spaces, meeting rooms and a specially designed Collaboration Arena, to help companies and organizations to solve future challenges. With Science Village Hall on the ground floor, it will make it possible for The Loop to work with big conferences as well as art and music.

The Loop will be their third venue – Altitude Meetings already runs the highly appreciated conference center STUDIO Meetingpoint in Malmö and Stadshallen in Lund.

Altitude believes that meetings are the greatest tool to achieve meaningful events that make a difference. They have a strong community engagement and a number of collaborations within sustainability and democracy. They offer top class meeting service – helping you reach your goals. Altitude Meetings offer workshops, conferences, digital meetings as well as content planning and marketing for your events. And not to forget – the best food and fika you will ever get! 

Contact My Koskinen for more information about co-working, exciting collaborations and conference spaces. Read more about Altitude Meetings and their ongoing projects at www.altitudemeetings.se.

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SPACE (2023)

Publicerad: 8 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

An iconic building and innovation hub

At the very heart of Science Village, this Scandinavian style timber building will be a natural focal point.

Space (official site) offers an exciting mix of offices and lab activities. The building will be filled with some of the world’s top researchers. On the ground floor, there will be a restaurant with outdoor seating and right on the square outside the building there will be outdoor workplaces.

Renting space in Space means a prime location 20 steps from the tram. You are right in the middle of Science Village. Also, you’d be sharing the house with Oatly’s researchers, the (vegan) cream of crop so to speak. On ground floor, Oatly will have a showroom with a pilot plant where the potential of oats will be examined and lead the transition to a more plant-based food system. 

Space lives up to the absolute highest requirements for both the environment and the well-being of employees through its sustainability classifications.

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The Building

Premises with a total area of about 7 400 m2
• Office spaces and laboratories 5 700 m2
• Restaurant 345 m2
• Common area on ground floor includes the restaurant, an atrium (400 m2) for spontaneous meetings, a bike repair room, and the showroom of Oatly’s pilot plant. 
• Architect: frøslee
• Number of floors: 5
• Sustainability classification: Sweden Green Building Council Silver or Gold, Zero CO2 and WELL. 
• Construction start: spring 2022
• Completion of construction: autumn 2023

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The Loop (2025)

Publicerad: 8 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |


The new meetingplace for innovation and research. The Loop will open its doors in January 2025.

In The Loop you will find startups, entrepreneurs, and large companies. But it’s not just a place of business – you’ll also find cultural events and student life. This unique blend sparks meetings and generates innovative ideas. The opportunities here are endless – from business ventures to research collaborations. Plus, there are countless sustainability stories waiting to be told. The total Rentable area of The Loop is 10,520 square meters spread over six floors.

The building will be completed in 2024.

Read more about The Loop here

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Premises with a total area is 10 520 square meters

• Science Village Hall an consert- and eventhall for about 1000 people – perfect for events, lectures, concerts, and conferences

• Office spaces and laboratories 7500 m²

• Restaurant and a bar for refreshment 1000 m²

• Common space 1300 m², including gym, locker rooms, lounge, mingling areas, common front desk (run by Altitude Meetings)

• Summing up the service options: restaurant, café, co-working spaces, office service, meeting rooms, locker rooms, gym, common front desk, open common spaces dedicated for relaxing and meetings (in connection with the tram stop)

• Architect: WHITE

• Number of floors: 6

• Sustainability: LEED Gold and Deep Green (Skanska’s certifications)

• Construction starts in 2022

• Moving in starts January 2025

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The Loop has the perfect location and are really close to the tram, here you can rent flexible offices and lab solutions.

If you want to know more, contact
Daniel Fex, Vectura Fastigheter
0722-31 68 18

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Publicerad: 2 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |


Visa for Non-EU Citizen

Since travel rules and recommendations are kind of fluid lately our recommendation is to get the information from the horses mouth ie. the Swedish migration agency. Also if you are visiting or joining a big organisation like MAX IV, LU, ESS or a bigger company in the area they often have staff and experience supporting you before and during your trip to Sweden.

EU Citizen

For EU citizen (actually EEA) there are basically no restrictions for travelling to Sweden for 89 days. And if you work, study or have sufficient means to support yourself, you automatically have right of residence in Sweden. If you are a family member of an EU/EEA citizen who has right of residence, you, too, have right of residence (Swedish Migration Agency). Life in Sweden in the long term will be MUCH easier with a personal identity number, you’ll get one here: Swedish Tax Agency.

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Expat Services

Publicerad: 2 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

International Citizen Hub Lund

International Citizen Hub Lund equip you with a wide range of knowledge of the Swedish society. Their goal is to make the experience in southern Sweden an enjoyable one for international talents. They provide both classes and social activities all of them free of charge. They provide classes on the rules of parental leave and the social welfare system or enjoy a guided tour into the Swedish culture among other things – all the activities are designed to support you in your integration and understanding of Sweden.

They have drop-ins every Thursday where you can ask questions and get to know other expats. As you can see in their activities, there is a lot of support and knowledge easily accessible to help you and your family ease into Swedish society and this lovely region.

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Other Resources

Moving to Copenhagen?

Great choice! Copenhagen is a lovely metropolitan city to live, hang out and experience. Check out the international reception site at Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen Municipality), they also have a handy check list for your planning.

Moving to Sweden

You are so welcome! There is a lot of resources for you online, we would suggest you start with checking the short guides on this site especially: Housing and Apartments and Visa and Travel might be of interest.

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