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Science Center

Publicerad: 13 april, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Science Center in Science Village

Science Village Scandinavia AB is working towards a new Science Center in Lund.

The planning and implementation of an upscaled public Science Center in Science Village is a main mission initiated by our owners; Lund university, Region Skåne, and City of Lund.

The Center will inspire to creativity and an innovative way of looking at both everyday problems and the global challenges. In a new and specially designed building we will create interactive exhibitions and arrange a wide range of events and meetings.

Profiled clusters and the surrounding ecosystem will participate in the development of the Center. R & D at the forefront – e g focused on development of plant proteins, health technology, and climate neutral energy systems – will be present in a new mix of knowledge and visions. Companies and researchers will be able to meet audiences and discuss new ideas and products.

Read more on the projects main site.

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Publicerad: 2 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |


Visa for Non-EU Citizen

Since travel rules and recommendations are kind of fluid lately our recommendation is to get the information from the horses mouth ie. the Swedish migration agency. Also if you are visiting or joining a big organisation like MAX IV, LU, ESS or a bigger company in the area they often have staff and experience supporting you before and during your trip to Sweden.

EU Citizen

For EU citizen (actually EEA) there are basically no restrictions for travelling to Sweden for 89 days. And if you work, study or have sufficient means to support yourself, you automatically have right of residence in Sweden. If you are a family member of an EU/EEA citizen who has right of residence, you, too, have right of residence (Swedish Migration Agency). Life in Sweden in the long term will be MUCH easier with a personal identity number, you’ll get one here: Swedish Tax Agency.

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Expat Services

Publicerad: 2 februari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

International Citizen Hub Lund

International Citizen Hub Lund equip you with a wide range of knowledge of the Swedish society. Their goal is to make the experience in southern Sweden an enjoyable one for international talents. They provide both classes and social activities all of them free of charge. They provide classes on the rules of parental leave and the social welfare system or enjoy a guided tour into the Swedish culture among other things – all the activities are designed to support you in your integration and understanding of Sweden.

They have drop-ins every Thursday where you can ask questions and get to know other expats. As you can see in their activities, there is a lot of support and knowledge easily accessible to help you and your family ease into Swedish society and this lovely region.

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Other Resources

Moving to Copenhagen?

Great choice! Copenhagen is a lovely metropolitan city to live, hang out and experience. Check out the international reception site at Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen Municipality), they also have a handy check list for your planning.

Moving to Sweden

You are so welcome! There is a lot of resources for you online, we would suggest you start with checking the short guides on this site especially: Housing and Apartments and Visa and Travel might be of interest.

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Recreation & Fitness

Publicerad: 31 januari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |




Within walking distance from Science Village you will find two large parks providing a variety of recreational activities such as hiking and running. There are two outdoor gyms, playgrounds of different kinds, and even opportunities to take a turn on the outdoor wooden dance floor. 


Kunskapsparken (The Knowledge Park), a huge park – the size of 30 football pitches, is Lund’s second largest recreational park. It offers the perfect setting for a 4k run, a lunch time walk, or a sunset stroll. Here you’ll find winding paths, a riding trail, and a hill 80 metres above sea level with a scenic view with agriculture to East and the City of Lund to the West.

At the north entrance of the Park just 70m south of the tram stop in Science Village (ESS), there is a brand new outdoor gym. Further on you will find meandering water ways, a large pond, and various trees and shrubs with edible fruit, berries, and nuts.

In the southern part you will see Hage – a beautiful open garden surrounded by a recycled brick wall – built by Domkyrkan in 2021. Hage is the perfect place for reflection, relaxation, or a work picnic (that’s definitely a thing).

Nobelparken – The Park of Variety

Nobelparken is located just a short distance from the southern entrance of Kunskapsparken. Brunnshögstorget is the closest tram station. Nobelparken offers a variety of different themes: the outdoor gym, the cosy dancing floor with beautiful string lights and free-for-all loudspeakers, the area of tipi huts, the playground, the swings, the basketball courtyard, and the vast greenery in the middle of the park offering a perfect spot for either a picnic or the popular Swedish games kubb (wikipedia) or brännboll (wikipedia).

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Fitness Facilities

Fitness24Seven is the first gym to open in Brunnshög. One of the most popular fitness facilities among students in Lund is Gerdahallen.

One of the closest gyms to Science Village is free – the wonderful outdoor gym in Nobelparken. There is a ball court nearby, so make sure to bring your A-game.

Other facilities in Lund:
Nordic Wellness

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Houses and apartments

Publicerad: 31 januari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |


Västra hamnen

Living in Skåne is just nice.

Imagine getting up in the morning and walking down to the lake for the 10 minutes bus ride into Lund and Science Village. Or walking those 200 year old stairs down into a waking city, grabbing a cup of (Love) coffee. Sitting on the tram watching the city change from turn of the 15th century brick buildings into the millennial glass, wood and greenery buildings in Lund NE.

To work in Lund, you will have plenty of opportunity to choose your surroundings, there are plenty of sleepy villages, coastal towns, gravel roads, and city apartments. It is even possible to live in central Copenhagen and commute across (and under) the water (55 minutes). In terms of prices, it’s more expensive per square metre the closer you get to the big cities. However, there is plenty of less expensive options in Skåne and it’s a small region where most commutes are less than 40 minutes.

Expats and swedes alike have three options when it comes to long term accommodation

            – Rent (3-month notice is the norm) usually apartments but there are houses for rent as well. Lund, Malmö and Blocket.

            – You can buy an apartment (kinda), in a condominium model where you pay for an apartment and pay part of the building overall costs in the form of a monthly fee. (Check out Hemnet (translated) and booli.)

            – You can buy a house, that includes less fees but still some obvious ones like trash collection, water, electricity etc. Swedes generally turn to Hemnet (translated) or Booli (sv) when they go about looking for a new house, farm, or townhouse.

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The Neigbourhood


Commuting and all the opportunities that morning train provides is nothing compared to walking distance to work. Science Village is a part of the city district Brunnshög, and Brunnshög is packed with super nice parks, schools, and kindergartens as in close to proximity to new apartments and townhouses. Brunnshög is expanding quickly and the easiest way to know what is ready and what is upcoming in terms of housing is to go here (svenska).

Public housing in Lund

The letting market in Sweden is fairly tricky to navigate, its highly competitive and long waits are usually on the table. On the other hand there is significant rent control. The local Public Housing company is Lunds Kommun Fastigheter (very loosely ”Lunds City Public Property Company”) they have their available rentals on display here.

The upside to the weird letting market is that there is a flourishing subletting market (’andrahandskontrakt’) where you sub-contract with the contract holder/tenant for a period of a couple of months up to years.

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Hotels and short term

Publicerad: 23 januari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Short term stays in the area

With over 1 700 hotel rooms to choose from, there’s something for all tastes and wallets. If you want that “home away from home” feeling there are lots of charming bed and breakfasts, both in central Lund and in the surrounding countryside. Check out some of the short term stay near Science Village and Brunnshög.

Forskarhotellet, Motel L, Elite Hotel Ideon are closest hotels to Science Village but with the tram, everything is close.

It is viable to stay in Malmö if you don’t mind the extra commute. In case you chose to stay there, the recommendation would be to stay close to the stations Malmö C or Malmö Triangeln, from there it’s only a 10-15 minute train ride to Lund.

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Quick tips on accomodation

Motel L with its large and welcoming lobby has 12 floors and 252 designer rooms and a sky bar with a beautiful view of Brunnshög and Lund. It is a beautiful walk of 20 minutes to Science Village and 5 minutes with the tramway.

Elite Hotel Ideon is housed in the so-far tallest building in Lund, Ideon Gateway close to Brunnshög. Is a modern hotel with 178 stylish guest rooms, a welcoming lobby with a bar and restaurants. After a busy day, the hotel is a nice and comfortable retreat, also offering a fitness room and sauna.
It a 38 minutes walk från Elite Ideon to Science Village and 8 minutes with the tramway – station Lund Ideontorget

Grand Hotel Lund is a luxury business hotel centrally located in Lund. The Grand hotel have a rich heritage that goes back a hundred years. The warm atmosphere at the Grand is steeped in tradition and history. The hotel has 84 room and a beautiful restaurant. It’s about 5 minute walk from the Lund C and from there a 14 minutes tram ride to Science Village. Or an hour walk through Lund with its cobblestones and half-timbered houses, the medieval city center and old university campus blends with modern buildings and tech parks the closer you get to Science Village. Well worth the walk.

Forenom an apartment hotel for short to medium term stays – ”that makes your stay easy, so you can feel at home”, A combination of hotel services with the comfort and freedom that an apartment provides. Forenom has 80 rooms. About 30 minutes with the bus and tramway from Lunds Botulfsplatsen station.

Forskarhotellet is situated next door to the complex of MAX IV and ESS. Here you can live, work, and research. It is a modern hotel with 20 rooms equipped with Nordic design furniture in a warm home environment.  The hotel is in a walking distance to Science Village it takes about 12 minutes. The nearest tram station is ESS.

In addition to this Airbnb promotes some 70 rooms, houses, or studios in Lund to rent.

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Hotels by location

Look for hotels south-east of science village these generally have better access. Also be aware of the walking distance to a tram stop (Blue dots on map below).


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Travel to Science Village

Publicerad: 23 januari, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Travel to Science Village and Lund

Well video meetings and remote-controlled labs are great but sometimes you just need to be there. To prep your sample, have a coffee with colleagues or look someone in the eye and shake their hand. In those cases, it is easy to travel to Science Village.

Whether you are coming from far away or a nearby region travelling to Science Village is easy and convenient. Lund central station is about 30 minutes from both Copenhagen airport (CPH) and Malmö Sturup (MMX). All trains from Stockholm (4h), Göteborg (2h) and Oslo (6h+) to Malmö/Copenhagen stops in Lund. There are numerous train connections from continental Europe as well, and the train is obviously the preferred option if possible. Check out your travel options on Omio.

From Lund Central station the tram will take you to ESS, MAX IV and Science Village in 15 minutes or less. If you are staying for the short term, check out your hotel options here, if you are looking for long term accommodation this would be a good place to start.

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Swedish National Rail (SJ)

SJ runs trains and has affiliated bus services all over Sweden, they have the fastest service to/from Göteborg (2h37) and Stockholm (4h20). You can plan and reserve seats on the website or in the apps.
Website / Android / Apple

Commuter Trains & Trams

The regional train company Skånetrafiken has a great website and an app that’ll help buy tickets and plan your travel in the region all the way to Göteborg in the north and it also has a fair bit of Denmark in its scope. Website / Android / IOS

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