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Science Center

Publicerad: 13 april, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Science Center in Science Village

Science Village Scandinavia AB is working towards a new Science Center in Lund.

The planning and implementation of an upscaled public Science Center in Science Village is a main mission initiated by our owners; Lund university, Region Skåne, and City of Lund.

The Center will inspire to creativity and an innovative way of looking at both everyday problems and the global challenges. In a new and specially designed building we will create interactive exhibitions and arrange a wide range of events and meetings.

Profiled clusters and the surrounding ecosystem will participate in the development of the Center. R & D at the forefront – e g focused on development of plant proteins, health technology, and climate neutral energy systems – will be present in a new mix of knowledge and visions. Companies and researchers will be able to meet audiences and discuss new ideas and products.

Read more on the projects main site.

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Acquire building rights

Publicerad: 1 april, 2022 av Ludvig Duregård |

Building rights in Science Village

Science Village will become an international science hub that attracts scientists, business, and employees that share the values of openness, cooperation, and progression in order to seek knowledge and find sustainable solutions for the future. By creating an ecosystem with a good mix of students, scientists, business, and innovation, Science Village will become even more attractive for the right type of companies, researchers, and university faculties. All available building rights in the area are owned by the company Science Village Scandinavia AB (SVS AB).

Download the area masterplan here.

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How to acquire building rights

If you are a developer that share our values and are interested in buying land, the formal process starts by sending a letter of interest/notice to . This email starts the process of determining if your property vision is a good fit for Science Village. The below steps are an outline of how property sales are done in Science Village.

  1. Property developers: sends first email here
  2. SVS AB: response and initial eligibility assessment
  3. Property developers: Formal letter of interest
  4. SVS AB: Formal eligibility assessment
  5. Both: Contractual agreement incl. timeline
  6. Both: Sale

Note that all steps are dependent on positive evaluation of the previous step.

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