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About SVS AB


Science Village Scandinavia AB (SVS AB) is a publicly owned company with 3 major tasks:

  1. Developing and selling the land in central Science Village, with the goal of creating a vibrant, innovative city district where business, academia, and the public meet in a meaningful way.
  2. Developing a wide scope tech park function in the area, supporting the both the large scale research infrastructures, the talent in the area, startups, and business to utilize the unique research capabilities and support function in the area.
  3. Developing a Science Center. The new Science Center in Lund is going to be an exciting public window into the research going on in the area as well as space for innovation and imagination.

SVS AB takes the role of facilitator in a lot of processes related to Science Village; supporting industry initiatives, guiding incoming property developers, creating contacts between institutions and business, curious tenants and building owners, developing the Science Center. In short, the SVS AB-office glues a lot of the areas different stakeholders and interests together – in order for the geography to develop in to a world leading knowledge ecosystem.


35% Lunds kommun (Munipality of Lund)
35% Region Skåne (The Region of Skåne)
30% Akademihemman (the main trust fund of Lund university).

The Board of Science Village Scandinavia AB

  • Charlotta Falvin, Chairman of the board
  • Philip Sandberg of City of Lund
  • Viktor Öwall of Lund University
  • Anders Almgren of City of Lund
  • Anna Pettersson of Region Skåne
  • Anders Lundin of Region Skåne
  • Annette Stambolovski of Lund University

The companies CEO is Christian Lindfors since 2020.