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Within walking distance from Science Village you will find two large parks providing a variety of recreational activities such as hiking and running. There are two outdoor gyms, playgrounds of different kinds, and even opportunities to take a turn on the outdoor wooden dance floor. 


Kunskapsparken (The Knowledge Park), a huge park – the size of 30 football pitches, is Lund’s second largest recreational park. It offers the perfect setting for a 4k run, a lunch time walk, or a sunset stroll. Here you’ll find winding paths, a riding trail, and a hill 80 metres above sea level with a scenic view with agriculture to East and the City of Lund to the West.

At the north entrance of the Park just 70m south of the tram stop in Science Village (ESS), there is a brand new outdoor gym. Further on you will find meandering water ways, a large pond, and various trees and shrubs with edible fruit, berries, and nuts.

In the southern part you will see Hage – a beautiful open garden surrounded by a recycled brick wall – built by Domkyrkan in 2021. Hage is the perfect place for reflection, relaxation, or a work picnic (that’s definitely a thing).

Nobelparken – The Park of Variety

Nobelparken is located just a short distance from the southern entrance of Kunskapsparken. Brunnshögstorget is the closest tram station. Nobelparken offers a variety of different themes: the outdoor gym, the cosy dancing floor with beautiful string lights and free-for-all loudspeakers, the area of tipi huts, the playground, the swings, the basketball courtyard, and the vast greenery in the middle of the park offering a perfect spot for either a picnic or the popular Swedish games kubb (wikipedia) or brännboll (wikipedia).

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Fitness Facilities

Fitness24Seven is the first gym to open in Brunnshög. One of the most popular fitness facilities among students in Lund is Gerdahallen.

One of the closest gyms to Science Village is free – the wonderful outdoor gym in Nobelparken. There is a ball court nearby, so make sure to bring your A-game.

Other facilities in Lund:
Nordic Wellness

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