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Travel to Science Village and Lund

Well video meetings and remote-controlled labs are great but sometimes you just need to be there. To prep your sample, have a coffee with colleagues or look someone in the eye and shake their hand. In those cases, it is easy to travel to Science Village.

Whether you are coming from far away or a nearby region travelling to Science Village is easy and convenient. Lund central station is about 30 minutes from both Copenhagen airport (CPH) and Malmö Sturup (MMX). All trains from Stockholm (4h), Göteborg (2h) and Oslo (6h+) to Malmö/Copenhagen stops in Lund. There are numerous train connections from continental Europe as well, and the train is obviously the preferred option if possible. Check out your travel options on Omio.

From Lund Central station the tram will take you to ESS, MAX IV and Science Village in 15 minutes or less. If you are staying for the short term, check out your hotel options here, if you are looking for long term accommodation this would be a good place to start.

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Swedish National Rail (SJ)

SJ runs trains and has affiliated bus services all over Sweden, they have the fastest service to/from Göteborg (2h37) and Stockholm (4h20). You can plan and reserve seats on the website or in the apps.
Website / Android / Apple

Commuter Trains & Trams

The regional train company Skånetrafiken has a great website and an app that’ll help buy tickets and plan your travel in the region all the way to Göteborg in the north and it also has a fair bit of Denmark in its scope. Website / Android / IOS

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Science Center


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Travel to Science Village