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1000 people – one experience

The grand opening of the Science Village Hall in the Loop in Lund is slated for the fall of 2024. The Event Hall will be the largest multi-purpose venue for meetings, culture, and events in Lund. The Event Hall, which seats 1,000 people, will be perfect for all types of occasions such as conferences, lectures, but also concerts, musicals, and theater.

From Lund Central, the tram to Rydberg’s Square, takes only 14 minutes and the Event Hall will be located just a few steps from the tram station ESS.

Science Village Hall will be the obvious place for visitors, companies, researchers, and the public. Here they can meet and exchange experiences, generate innovative ideas, and knowledge while at the same time socializing and having fun.

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A multi-purpose space

With its 720 sqm and 16 metres high ceiling the Event Hall in Lund will give you a wonderful feeling of space. The flexible stage can change size from 7 metres deep to 10 and it can hold an ensemble of a hundred people. Perfect for a symphony orchestra! The seats are distributed on three floors: parquet seating, first and second balcony, which will give you an incredibly view over the stage wherever you sit.

Thanks to the Event Hall’s fabulous flexibility, it can quickly and easily change function from conference seating to house a banquet, or an exhibition. With the built-in acoustic curtain wall, you can divide Science Village Hall into two parts, each side can hold up to about 250 people and is equipped with latest technology.

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Space for all occasions

Business Events

Seminars, Conferences, Congresses, kickoffs, General meetings, User meetings, Products launches, Team building, Exhibitions

Other Events
Art exhibitions, Educational, Lectures, Exam’s settings, Balls, Private parties, Banquet, Summer or Christmas parties

Entertainment Events

Concerts, Classical Concerts, Stand-up, Musicals, Theater/drama, Talent shows, Christmas shows



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Quick facts

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