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Science Village Hall speakers evening

Concert – Congress – Event

We have a new website: www.sciencevillagehall.se

Science Village Hall in Lund seats a thousand people and will be perfect for all types of events from major scientific conferences and lectures to big dinners, concerts, musicals, and theater performances. Science Village Hall will be the largest multi-purpose venue space in Lund and will open in January of 2025.

Science Village Hall is located in the university city of Lund, 20 – 30 minutes from Copenhagen and Malmö. Take a short tram ride from the inner city (and its hotels) and you’ll find Science Village.

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Available for use fall of 2024. Contact.

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Multi-purpose space for all occasions

Capacity of 1.000 people and seating for 920 (in three floors).

Big space
720 sqm floor for trade fairs and expos.

Flexible stage
7 meters (10m with podiums) deep, 18m wide & 0.8m high.

Telescopic seating
Pushed in and out rapidly from the wall.



Divider wall
Split the space into two separate conference halls.

Easy setup
Ground level loading access to stage, lift platform to floor.

Artificial reverberation system
Rock’n’roll venue to a classical concert hall with a flick of the switch.

Spacious backstage in two levels
Four dressing rooms and lounge area.


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Science Village in northeast of Lund is a growing city district that will develop into a knowledge centric and flourishing research and innovation hub in the coming years.

The Loop, at the heart of Science Village, is being built by Skanska and is owned by Vectura. The Loop is not only home to Science Village Hall, but also the co-working space and conference facilities of Level Two (Altitude Meetings) as well as office space for innovation centric businesses.

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Science Village Hall