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Level Two – Connecting Science + Business!

Welcome to Level Two – Altitude Meetings new ground-breaking meeting and conference facilities in Lund! Located inside The Loop, there will be professionally designed conference rooms, top class co-working spaces, opportunities to work with proven methods for collaboration, and a network that lets you connect science and business – for real.

When The Loop opens in 2024, Altitude Meetings will operate Level Two – 1,500 square meters of meeting space. The Loop will be their third venue – they already run the highly appreciated conference center STUDIO Meetingpoint in Malmö and Stadshallen in Lund. 

Level Two consists of several large conference rooms and 90 co-working seats. Altitude Meetings are re-thinking a lot of things and always testing new ways to do things. For example: 10 of the 90 co-working places will be free of charge. People will pay with their knowledge instead of money. Why? Because Altitude Meetings believes this will support the collaboration culture. 

At Level Two you will be able to be part of the Collaboration Arena. This is where solutions to present and future challenges will be processed. Altitude Meetings unique methodology, The Bridge Method, will be used for finding solutions to future challenges. The Collaboration Arena is a place for unexpected and cross border partnerships emancipating from a common interest or value.

Read more about Level Two here

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Altitude Meetings – meeting facilitator at Level two in The Loop

At Level Two, Altitude Meetings will offer co-working spaces, meeting rooms and a specially designed Collaboration Arena, to help companies and organizations to solve future challenges. With Science Village Hall on the ground floor, it will make it possible for The Loop to work with big conferences as well as art and music.

The Loop will be their third venue – Altitude Meetings already runs the highly appreciated conference center STUDIO Meetingpoint in Malmö and Stadshallen in Lund.

Altitude believes that meetings are the greatest tool to achieve meaningful events that make a difference. They have a strong community engagement and a number of collaborations within sustainability and democracy. They offer top class meeting service – helping you reach your goals. Altitude Meetings offer workshops, conferences, digital meetings as well as content planning and marketing for your events. And not to forget – the best food and fika you will ever get! 

Contact My Koskinen for more information about co-working, exciting collaborations and conference spaces. Read more about Altitude Meetings and their ongoing projects at www.altitudemeetings.se.

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Majime (2026)


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Möllegården – The Conference Space

Level Two in the Loop

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