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THE LOOP Science + Business + Art & Music

The Loop will be the ideal venue for those who want to work in an environment that provides contact with, and access to, world-leading materials science research. In addition to the Science Village company, the building will play host to, among others, mediator companies (i.e. the companies that help others use ESS and MAX IV), academia and representatives from trade & industry. The Loop will meet the infrastructural needs of the research facilities, offering auditoriums, meeting rooms, educational premises and, potentially, small-scale laboratories.

The building will have 6 floors, with areas designed for companies, conferences, infrastructure, exhibitions and concerts. You are free to rent a whole floor or just a small office place!

The Loop will also offer a vibrant environment outside working hours. The building will house a gym and a first-class restaurant and bar, thus making The Loop an attractive meeting place even for those who don’t work there.

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Premises with a total area of about 11 000 square metres:

• Science Village Hall for 1000 people – perfect for events, lectures, concerts, and conferences

• Office spaces and laboratories 7500 square metres

• Restaurant and a bar for refreshment 1000 square metres

• Common space 1300 square metres, including gym, locker rooms, lounge, mingling areas, common front desk (run by Altitude Meetings)

• Summing up the service options: restaurant, café, co-working spaces, office service, meeting rooms, locker rooms, gym, common front desk, open common spaces dedicated for relaxing and meetings (in connection with the tram stop)

• Architect: WHITE

• Number of floors: 6

• Sustainability: LEED Gold and Deep Green (Skanska’s certifications)

• Construction starts in 2022

• Moving in starts fall 2024

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The Loop has the perfect location and are really close to the tram, here you can rent flexible offices and lab solutions.

Contact Daniel Fex@Vectura.com for more information about available space in The Loop.

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Acquire building rights

Möllegården – The Conference Space

Level Two in the Loop

SPACE (2023)

The Loop (2024)