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An iconic building and innovation hub

At the very heart of Science Village, this Scandinavian style timber building will be a natural focal point.

Space (official site) offers an exciting mix of offices and lab activities. The building will be filled with some of the world’s top researchers. On the ground floor, there will be a restaurant with outdoor seating and right on the square outside the building there will be outdoor workplaces.

Renting space in Space means a prime location 20 steps from the tram. You are right in the middle of Science Village. Also, you’d be sharing the house with Oatly’s researchers, the (vegan) cream of crop so to speak. On ground floor, Oatly will have a showroom with a pilot plant where the potential of oats will be examined and lead the transition to a more plant-based food system. 

Space lives up to the absolute highest requirements for both the environment and the well-being of employees through its sustainability classifications.

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The Building

Premises with a total area of about 7 400 m2
• Office spaces and laboratories 5 700 m2
• Restaurant 345 m2
• Common area on ground floor includes the restaurant, an atrium (400 m2) for spontaneous meetings, a bike repair room, and the showroom of Oatly’s pilot plant. 
• Architect: frøslee
• Number of floors: 5
• Sustainability classification: Sweden Green Building Council Silver or Gold, Zero CO2 and WELL. 
• Construction start: spring 2022
• Completion of construction: autumn 2023

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Acquire building rights

Möllegården – The Conference Space

Level Two in the Loop

SPACE (2023)

The Loop (2024)