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MAXESS – Industry Arena

MAXESS helps researchers in all industries to use the advanced research facilities to innovate and create better products. This is done through a combination of matchmaking between experts and researchers and engineers, educational initiatives and small (funded) pilot projects where users get their first taste of using synchrotron and neutron science for data collection.

MAXESS Industry Arena is an evolving national initiative supporting and facilitating industrial use of the large-scale research infrastructures MAX IV and ESS, and the associated eco-system. MAXESS Industry Arena facilitates partnerships between experts and industrial users through maxess.se, case studies, networking events as well as guided introductions to the industrial advantages of neutron and synchrotron tools.

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Big Science Sweden

Big Science Sweden (BiSS) is Sweden’s official Big Science Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) serving Swedish high-tech industry, academia, research institutes and the Big Science facilities in which Sweden is a member. BiSS focus on high-tech contributions that drive research, innovation, and international collaboration, and generate business opportunities for Sweden.

BiSS help you stay updated about research facilities’ needs and their procurements and match your company’s skills and expertise, and capacity to deliver, with the facilities’ requirements. BiSS put you in touch with the right key persons at the facility. As a member of BiSSyou have a personal Big Science Sweden contact, who contacts you about current strategic business opportunities that would suit your operation!

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