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Professor Christine Wamsler joins the Science Center project

The new Science Center in Lund will welcome children, youth, and adults into a space where they’ll be inspired to use their creativity and imagination in playful ways, indulging in knowledge. They will be exploring innovative methods that address the challenges and opportunities we face today. It will be a marvelous destination where we can come together while learning about the world and ourselves. A place of life-long learning where we show the way to a sustainable society. Today Professor Christine Wamsler joins the project as a chief scientific advisor.

Professor Christine Wamsler

Lund’s new Science Center will be a place where you can gain an understanding of the challenges we face in sustainability, learning how each of us can contribute to the necessary shift. The goal is to connect and integrate the internal and external aspects of sustainability in the exhibitions, activities and operating principles of the center.

We are very pleased to announce that Professor Christine Wamsler have offered to actively participate in the development aspect of the work as science chief advisor of sustainability and internal development. Christine Wamsler is a professor of sustainability at Lund University. In her research she has showed that an internal shift, in human abilities, values and paradigms, is just as important as technical advancements in order to reach the sustainability goals. Her findings have gained international recognition and the work is often cited by the UN’s development program, UNDP, as well as the UN’s climate panel in the latest IPCC reports.

Image of Lund Science Center, a convex roof and wood panel.

Sarah Emond, the director and future CEO for Lund’s new Science Center, explains that “we have an opportunity to inspire visitors of different generations and walks of life to make a real difference in the shift to living sustainably. We want to achieve this in a way that highlights its severity, while at the same time encouraging hope, community and holistic solutions that deal with the issue’s underlying causes. Behaviors will play a vital role, and we’ll be using the Inner Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. Christine Wamsler’s research and support will be invaluable to the work!”

”We want to achieve this in a way that highlights the severity of the climate situation – while at the same time encourages hope!”

Sarah Emond, Science Center Director

The development of Lund’s new Science Center is steadily moving forward. It will be the heart of Lund’s new district – Science Village. The Science Center will be a place where research and development from the surrounding ecosystem is transformed into digestible learning. The grand opening is planned for 2026, and it will serve as an attractive and social hotspot for the community, academia and business sector. The center will house extensive exhibitions, a restaurant, a science theatre and planetarium. A house filled with engaging events and activities.

The interactive exhibits will first and foremost revolve around intersectional subjects researched in the region, such as the food of tomorrow, life science, technologies, smart cities and material development. Visitors will encounter the latest scientific discoveries and methodologies in a creative and interactive way, which is made possible through close collaborations with scientists from, the co-owner, Lund University, and partnering businesses. Elementary schools in the region are an essential audience. The Science Center’s goal is to strengthen and tickle the youth’s curiosity and interest in science, critical thinking, and hope – encouraging them to pursue higher education. The current science center, Vattenhallen, will be integrated into the organization, contributing with valuable experience and competence.

Read more on Christine Wamsler and her research here: https://www.lucsus.lu.se/christine-wamsler [CW1] 

Read more on the Inner Development Goals here: www.innerdevelopmentgoals.org