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In order to turn Science Village into the city’s most innovative district, a number of projects will be implemented. The largest and most interesting of these will be presented here. Information and facts about each project will be added as they develop.

Science Village Scandinavia AB is primarily a development company that will sell construction rights to other stakeholders for leasing, construction and administration. Certain strategically important land parcels and buildings may be retained by Science Village Scandinavia AB.

Lund Science Center

Science Village Scandinavia has been tasked with developing an upscaled Science Center in Lund. The center will allow the local population, regional visitors as well as tourists to explore innovations and scientific phenomena. The center is expected to open in 2024. The Science Center will act as an interactive window […]
Developer: currently Science Village Scandinavia   Architect: Contest in progress

The Loop

The Loop is a hub where the trade & industry, academic and research communities meet to transform research results in the field of materials science into innovative and practical products. It is a place where meetings take place, both during and after working hours. The building, due for completion in […]
Developer: Skanska   Architect: White arkitekter

Research heats the city

The energy company Kraftringen is currently constructing the world’s largest low temperature district heating network in Brunnshög in Lund. The background to this major investment is the desire to make the most efficient use of the low temperature residual heat available in Brunnshög. The technology is well adapted and very […]
Developer: Kraftringen

Giraffe 2.0

In a collaboration between Kraftringen and Science Village Scandinavia a Giraffe 2.0 from Innoventum has been installed at Möllegården to supply the farm with electricity. The Giraffe 2.0 is a hybrid plant designed to produce energy from both wind and sun. It consists of a wooden structure that holds 24 […]
Developer: Kraftringen/Science Village Scandinavia AB

Vindarnas park

In the southern section of Science Village some 30,000 plants were planted in 2014 which will grow to become Vindarnas Park. The park is a part of the Sustainable Knowledge City [Hållbar Kunskapsstad] project and has been partly financed by the Delegation for Sustainable Cities. Sustainable Knowledge City is a […]


Space is Science Village’s statement building and the first to be erected in the district. As someone so succinctly put it, it’s “as crisp as a cracker.” Space will be constructed in timber in Scandinavian style. The organisation of the building’s functions is based on the idea of communal gathering […]
Developer: Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB   Architect: FOJAB Arkitekter i Malmö

The Mill

The frame and the mill housing were renovated in 2016. The sails were reinstated in August 2017. For technical reasons relating to maintenance, in future the sails will be able to turn while the mill housing will remain fixed. The mill, with its location in Möllegården’s gardens, represents a historical […]
Developer: Lund Östra Odarslöv 13:4 AB/Science Village Scandinavia AB

Möllegården Visitor Centre

Möllegården is today a small scale meeting venue where research organisations and builders can meet and discuss future projects. In collaboration with Kraftringen, a Giraffe 2.0 from Innoventum has been installed at Möllegården. Giraffe 2.0 supplies Möllegården with electricity and any surplus is sold back to the grid. The house […]
Developer: Lund Östra Odarslöv 13:4 AB/Science Village Scandinavia AB   Architect: Kamikaze Arkitekter