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Möllegården Visitor Centre

The newly renovated Möllegården houses a Visitor Centre for ESS and MAX IV. Here you can learn more about the research facilities, Brunnshög, Science Village and the history of the area. The Visitor Centre will primarily be available for pre-booked group visits, but will also be open to the general public on certain occasions

In collaboration with Kraftringen, a Giraffe 2.0 from Innoventum has been installed at Möllegården. Giraffe 2.0 supplies Möllegården with electricity and any surplus is sold back to the grid.

The house at Möllegården was previously the home of the miller and his family when the mill was in use. It subsequently became a private residence. Comprehensive renovations of both the house and its grounds were carried out in 2015. In future it will be possible to use Möllegården as a café or for other types of catering activities.

Energy collaboration

Science Village Scandinavia AB and Kraftringen AB have collaborated to install a Giraffe 2.0 to meet Möllegården’s local energy needs.

Giraffe 2.0 is an innovation by Innoventum AB capable of producing between 10,000 and 20,000 kWh annually, depending on wind and sun conditions.

Link to Kraftringen AB

Link to Innoventum AB


Developer: Lund Östra Odarslöv 13:4 AB/Science Village Scandinavia AB
Architect: Kamikaze Arkitekter
Construction start: 2015
Completion: 2016
Contractor: Paras Bygg i Eslöv AB