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Science Village sells more development rights to Skanska

Publicerad: 22 February, 2021 av Max Pettersson |

Science Village Scandinavia AB sold additional development rights to Skanska in December. The two acquisitions are very centrally located in Science Village, only a few metres from the ESS tram stop. “We experienced increased interest in 2020 from businesses wanting to set up operations in Science Village and The Loop. It is exciting now to be able to ‘expand’ the Loop concept within Science Village through these new acquisitions,” says Hans Fransson, a project developer at Skanska Sverige.

The deal involves a 3,700 square metre plot with development rights for 11,600 square metres across two properties. Both properties are adjacent to Rydbergs Torg – the “heart” in Science Village.

Already a lot going on
Since Skanska acquired its first construction right in Science Village, it has worked to develop The Loop building. The building aims to be a meeting place that facilitates interaction between commercial companies and research and innovation and will also house a congress and event venue with seating for up to 1,000 guests. A restaurant/bar is also planned in the building and an entire floor will be devoted to co-working. This is all to encourage cross-border meetings and collaborations. Construction will start on the Loop in the summer of 2021 and the building is planned to reach completion in the second half of 2023.

Skanska has invested considerable resources and commitment in the Loop to create a vibrant meeting place even outside normal working hours. The building will be a regional hub for research and innovation-driven companies. The in-house businesses will contribute to consolidating the area and creating value from the research investments made in the European Spallation Source (ESS) and MAX IV.

Space for academia, the general public and businesses
Skanska’s newly acquired development rights will also be developed to support the emerging research and innovation cluster in Science Village. In the Loop, the aim is to create buildings that encourage innovative processes and create fruitful encounters between academia, the general public and businesses. One of the properties is located between Rydbergs Torg and Lund University’s future Science Village campus. The other property is in the southeast corner of Science Village – it has the best location with less than 30 metres to the tram, ESS and Lund’s new major park called Kunskapsparken.

“It is really encouraging that Skanska wants to continue working with Science Village. “We are very pleased with the way they have developed the Loop, says Christian Lindfors, CEO at Science Village Scandinavia AB. We are convinced that they will continue developing the building in this spirit and create new innovative environments that benefit both future tenants and Science Village in general.”

Energy-positive – for real
As with the Loop, the aim is for future buildings to produce more energy than they use with minimal environmental impact. The development in Science Village is an important component in Skanska’s journey towards climate neutrality.

Science Village Scandinavia signs lease for the concert hall in The Loop

Publicerad: 12 October, 2020 av Max Pettersson |

A lease was signed this Friday between Science Village Scandinavia AB and Skanska for the planned concert hall in The Loop. “This flexible venue provides excellent opportunities for Lund and Science Village to attract international visitors. Having this type of congress and event facility in Science Village adds value for both ESS and MAX IV, as well as supports the future university campus. It also provides a place for cultural events in the area,” says Christian Lindfors, CEO at Science Village Scandinavia AB.

The lack of proper congress and conference venues in Lund has been widely discussed for several years. Now, the Science Village company will become a tenant in Skanska’s first building in the area, The Loop. The congress and event venue, with an estimated inauguration in 2023, has a capacity of 1.000 people, and is adapted for both concerts and lectures, but can also be remade for banquettes, exhibitions and trade shows. The tramway stops a couple of meters from the venue, which practically means that it’s within 14 minutes’ reach from Lund Central Station.

“It’s great to have the agreement in place for the venue, guaranteeing its realization. It’s a clever setup with joint functions and usage areas, substantially lowering the cost of each individual function compared to a traditional setup. The building, along with the area, will also be utilized to a higher extent with a diversity of visitors outside standard business hours. This is a great example of collaboration and innovation in line with the qualities of the area,” says Hans Fransson, Senior Business Developer, Skanska

Science Village Scandinavia AB’s purpose is to develop an ecosystem around ESS and MAX IV. This type of venue is an important piece of the puzzle when realizing the vision of effectively connecting the research facilities with regional, national, and international research and innovation systems. Earlier this year, Vinnova proposed that a national science park should be established in Science Village.

“We think that it’s very exciting that another step is taken towards creating a central point, which is both national and international, realizing the ambitions in place for the Brunnshög area and the facilities’ role in Sweden,” says Rebecca Hollertz at Vinnova.

MAX IV and ESS have been very clear in their request for a meeting facility in Science Village that can be used for both internal meetings, and international symposiums and lectures. The establishment of Lund University in Science Village also benefits from having access to a large assembly hall at an early stage, that can be used for lectures as well as scientific conferences.

“We’re very enthusiastic about the opportunties a meeting venue of this magnitude presents for us. This facility will be an excellent place for science conferences, user meetings, and gatherings between academia and industry, which will become more and more important for us as the number of researchers utilizing MAX IV grows. We look forward to the attractive environment, planned in the Science Village, making this possible,” says Ian McNulty, Director of MAX IV.

This venue means that the area has a function that creates interactions and movement outside business hours. It can house a multitude of events, as it’s possible to swiftly rearrange it for large science conferences, national & international congresses, lectures, cultural events, and concerts. Group areas for a total of 500 people, as well as a restaurant, is also being planned in the building. The event organizer Altitude Meetings already has a major lease in the building.

“It’s completely natural that Science Village takes responsibility for this lease. The venue presents a unique opportunity to create a flexible meeting point that strengthens the unity and attraction of the area from day one. Science Village will be a smelting pot for ideas and innovation, and to have this resource in place at an early stage feels fantastic,” says Christian Lindfors, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB.

Christian Lindfors becomes new CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB

Publicerad: 2 April, 2020 av Max Pettersson |

On April 6, Christian Lindfors takes up the role of CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB. He joins the company from Tyréns AB, where he held the position of Regional Director South.

“It feels like I have been preparing for this role for much of my professional life,” says Christian Lindfors. “The Science Village area is like a bridge between trade and industry and research, and my background in civil engineering, combined with my Ph.D. and time as a representative of trade and industry within academia, have been ideal preparation for the challenges that lie ahead.”

An exciting time awaits

The research facilities in the area are scaling up their operations, ESS will be open to researchers within a few years, and MAX IV currently has 16 funded beamlines, 11 of which are open to users. Things are also moving apace in central Science Village. In December the first tramway route will begin serving the area, and Lund Science Center is gearing up its organisation for the creation of southern Sweden’s largest Science Center. In a new report from Vinnova, the Science Village company has also been identified as a key figure in the establishment of a national technology park function connected to the two facilities.

“It will be extremely interesting to be part of the creation of a global knowledge ecosystem in Science Village. We want to have two world-leading research facilities (ESS and MAX IV) that result in significant scientific gains internationally while also creating value nationally and regionally. At a time when Swedish and international trade and industry is searching for platforms for future development, we want to be the partner who provides a bridge and offers support and new opportunities,” says Christian Lindfors.

ProNano and LTH’s NanoLab take forward steps

The month of March has also delivered positive news for Science Village, Lund University and RISE. Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH) has decided to proceed with the establishment of NanoLab Science Village, and RISE has initiated the process of building a first version of ProNano. The small-scale nano factory will initially be located in Max-lab’s old premises, to be followed by a larger scale establishment in Science Village at a later stage.

“Christian’s experience from Swedish trade and industry, public administration and the academic world feels extremely important for the area as a whole. He possesses a wide range of knowledge from his professional life, and the company will benefit greatly from what he has to offer,” says Bengt Holgersson, Chairman of the Board of Science Village Scandinavia AB.


Botanical Park and Lund’s new Science Center

Publicerad: 3 October, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

Amendment (10/10): previously advertised guided tours in Vindarnas Park have been cancelled – instead, the park will be open for (unguided) visits between 10:00 – 14:30 (please note that the gates will be locked at 14:30).

Science Village Scandinavia opens Vindarnas Park and exhibits the plans for Lund Science Center. The Science Center, which is due to be completed in 2024 and will be located at the heart of Science Village, is expected to receive at least 150,000 visitors a year. The activities at the Science Center will create a window into the operations of ESS and MAX IV, as well as other exciting research environments in the Lund-Malmö region. The Science Center could be described as a public knowledge and experience center, where interactive exhibitions show how the natural world works, where new scientific findings and innovations are presented, and where facts are placed in a context. The architectural contest for the Science Center ended this summer. During the Kulturnatten (the “Night of Culture”) public event this autumn, visitors will have an opportunity to find out more about the design of the building and the activities that will take place there in the future. Don’t miss this great chance to learn more about southern Sweden’s Science Center! We will be on location at Möllegården between 10:00-14:30 during Kulturnatten.

Vindarnas Park is located between MAX IV and central Science Village. A botanical park covering 6 hectares. No less than 30,000 plants from all corners of the world have been planted in the park. The plants, which were planted in 2014, require a few more years before they reach their full glory, but even now it is possible to see a number of unusual and exotic varieties. The park is normally closed to the public, in order to protect the young plants during their growth and development, but during Kulturnatten the area will be open to visitors.

The 370-year-old Odarslövs Mölla windmill will also be open to visitors during Kulturnatten. Experienced guides will be on hand to talk about ESS and MAX IV in the MAXESS visitor centre (Möllegården), and coffee will be served all day, along with delicious rye bread.

Book discussion: Big science in a small town (Oct 15)

Publicerad: 3 October, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

During Lund University’s Future Week, a book discussion will be held about the book Big Science in a Small Town. The discussion will focus on future challenges, priorities and political research strategies. With a panel of knowledgeable and insightful individuals, including the book’s author, attendees can look forward to an interesting discussion on important future issues related to the establishment of ESS and MAX IV in Lund.

Mikael Eriksson, Professor of Accelerator Physics, chief designer of MAX IV.
Peter Honeth, former University Director of Lund University and State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Education.
Olof Hallonsten, Doctorate in Research Policy, Associate Professor of Sociology and author of the book. Member of staff at Lund University’s School of Economics and Management.
Yasemin Arhan Modéer, CEO, Process Manager and Project Manager, Altitude Meetings.

Moderator: Trine Grönlund.

Time and place: 15 October between 16.00-18.00 in the Nya Fest hall at the AF Borgen building in Lund.

Afternoon tea from 15.30.

As the number of places is limited, please note that pre-registration is required.

All registered attendees will receive the book in advance to enable their participation in the discussion.
The event is free-of-charge and is part of Lund University’s Future Week, 14-20 October 2019.

Register here: https://www.lu.se/event/big-science-i-framtidens-lund

This is the design for Lund’s new Science Center!

Publicerad: 4 July, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

This past Wednesday, the winning proposal for Lund’s new Science Center was uncovered during an event at the Almedalen political convention. The building is made of glass and wood and will contain everything from scientific games to lectures on ethics. The award went to the architecture agency COBE, which has designed buildings such as the museum for youth culture, Ragnarock, in Roskilde.

The new Science Center in Science Village will hold 3,500 m² of exhibition spaces, as well as a restaurant, gift shop and auditorium. The building has a spacious inner courtyard where you can sit down in the shadow of a tree or take part in lectures. The roof is covered with solar panels to support the electricity consumption needs of the center. The building will also be heated in wintertime with residual heat from MAX IV and ESS.
The winning architecture agency COBE, headquartered in Copenhagen, offered the following statement about the project:

The ambitions for the design of the museum have been exceedingly high, and we feel that we were successful in creating a unique and inviting building. With the open inner courtyard and the concave rooftop, it renders a dramatic, elegant profile that stands out and creates innovative, unique opportunities for the purpose of a museum. Meanwhile, we have also considered the aspects of climate, environment and sustainability right at the outset of the process. By using wood as the primary building material, using solar panels and residual heating, and establishing an inner courtyard filled with great biodiversity and a rainwater reservoir, we have reached our goal to create a carbon neutral building, if constructed as planned. Our aspiration as an architecture agency is to continue to focus on and keep improving our designs for sustainable buildings in the future, with consideration for coming generations and the general wellbeing of the earth.” Spoken by Dan Stubbergaard, architect and founder of COBE.

The building, expected to be completed in 2024, has a strong profile and estimates a flow of at least 150,000 visitors a year. The Science Center activities will create a window into the operations of both ESS and MAX IV, as well as other exciting research environments in the Lund-Malmö region. The center may be described as a public knowledge and experience center, where mostly interactive formats show how nature works, where new scientific findings and innovations may be presented, and where facts are placed within a context.

An important part of the center is the auditorium, where science shows will be presented, and where current issues will be debated, such as topics of climate change and ethical considerations surrounding AI.

“With an elegant overarching form and soft shapes, Meeting Science will now take possession of the contest land parcel. The symmetrical building has the imprint of a simple and characteristic architecture, which stands as a chip on a collective landscape floor. …The proposal’s interior spaces let the exhibitions assume center stage…” from the Jury’s statement.

The building is a stone’s throw away from the tram end station ‘ESS’, and is expected to offer educational experiences for both young and old. Having made a final decision on the design of the building, we are taking an important step forward in the process.

We are thrilled to finally have a ready architecture design proposal to work with, and we have great confidence in COBE’s ability to deliver both quality and creativity to this type of project. The building is esthetically and functionally pleasing and will, in addition to becoming a wonderful Science Center, also be a beautiful landmark in Science Village and Lund,” says Peter Andersson, project manager for the Science Center project at Science Village Scandinavia.

Image credit: COBE

Contact Science Village Scandinavia AB
Ludvig Duregård, Science Village Scandinavia AB
+46 735 91 82 49

Contact COBE
Stine Lund Hansen, COBE
Director of Business Development and Communication
T: +45 7874 6086
M: +45 2729 2442

An invitation from Science Village Scandinavia AB

Publicerad: 25 June, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

The winning architecture proposal for the new Science Center in Lund will be made official!

The uncovering will take place at 16:00 on Wednesday, July 3rd in the Architecture Garden (Strandgatan 16A, Visby) during the Almedalen political summit week. Welcome!


At Science Village in northeastern Lund, two world-leading laboratories within material science and life science research are currently being established (ESS and MAX IV). New instruments and methods are being developed to faster and better meet the needs for, e.g., sustainable materials, climate neutral energy solutions, and better targeted theraputical drugs. In a world with escalating global challenges, the scientific community needs to intensify its contribution to solution oriented progress.

Inside Science Village, a large new Science Center is being planned, to become a meeting place and knowledge center that will inspire future research, creative solutions and meetings between experts and researchers. Schoolchildren, young adults and families with children are the primary target audience but there will be something interesting and challenging for everyone. Theme based science galleries will for example focus on the urban environments of the future, opportunities and risks of AI, and highlight the latest developments within genetics. The center will be inaugurated in 2024.

During 2019, an architecture competition was carried out to render the physical form and expression of the building. Out of 41 interested agencies, four were given the opportunity to create a proposal for the building. Now the jury has delivered its verdict and motivation, and the winning proposal will be uncovered at 16:00 on July 3rd in the Architecture Garden of Sweden’s Architects (Strandgatan 16A, Visby) during the Almedalen political summit week. Please join us when the first images of a new iconic building in Lund are going to be displayed.

Participants include the winning architecture agency, Fredrik Ljunghill (Municipal Board Member i Lund, in charge of construction matters), Peter Andersson (Project Manager at Science Center and President of the Jury, Science Village Scandinavia AB), and others.

Architectural proposals for Science Centre finalised

Publicerad: 12 June, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

The entries in the architectural design competition for the new Science Centre at Science Village were made public on Thursday after the first of several jury meetings. Read more here (link in Swedish!)

Ulrika Lindmark to leave Science Village Scandinavia AB

Publicerad: 12 June, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

After almost six years at the helm of Science Village Scandinavia AB, Ulrika Lindmark is leaving the company. Ulrika has been CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB since 2013. Since Ulrika Lindmark took over the role of CEO, the company has gone from being in a very early stage of its development to having two zoning plans finalised for the area and a tramway that will soon be completed, with construction of the first two buildings planned to commence during 2019.

During my years at Science Village Scandinavia AB I have gained an insight into the enormous potential that ESS and MAX IV means for Sweden. If Science Village is developed in the right way, Sweden’s opportunities to utilise and benefit from the research facilities will increase significantly. It has also been a privilege and joy to have been given the opportunity to work with the development of a major Science Centre at Science Village – one of the most inspiring work assignments a person can have”, says Ulrika Lindmark.

An architectural design competition for the new Science Centre is nearing completion, and the winner will be announced at the beginning of July. If everything goes according to plan, the Science Centre, which is planned to be located just a stone’s throw from the future ESS tram stop, will be open to the public in 2024.

The company is now in a stable situation and is well equipped for the future. The major initial issues have been resolved, and the company has a very competent organisation that will succeed with its assignment even after my departure”, says Ulrika Lindmark.

The search for a new CEO for Science Village Scandinavia AB will start during the summer. Ulrika Lindmark is moving to SMT Malmö Exploatering AB, where she will work with the development of a new residential housing area on the current site of the Jägersro horse racing facility.

During her years as CEO, Ulrika Lindmark has led this company with great merit. I am very sorry to see her go, but at the same time I want to wish her every success in her future endeavours”, says Bengt Holgersson, Chairman of the Board for Science Village Scandinavia AB.

For interview requests, please contact
Ludvig Duregård
+46 (0)735 91 82 49

Ulrika Lindmark
+46 (0)705 31 74 22

Möllegården first with low-temperature district heating

Publicerad: 15 April, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

Kraftringen are developing the world’s largest low-temperature network in Brunnshög. The district heating network, which has 65°C in the supply pipes as opposed to the traditional 90°C, will be installed at Möllegården during the summer, and will provide warmth for visitors to the MAXESS exhibition at Möllegården. In conjunction with the installation of the network at Möllegården an exhibition lodge will also be placed in the area, where people will be able to learn more about the low-temperature network, Kraftringen and Science Village.

This type of district heating network is ideal for Brunnshög and Science Village. The majority of the buildings in Brunnshög are much more energy-efficient than previous generations. For Science Village the ambition is that buildings in the area will only receive energy from the facilities’ residual heat (in the form of district heating and remote cooling). The electricity required will be manufactured locally using for example solar or wind resources.