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Science Village Scandinavia signs lease for the concert hall in The Loop

Publicerad: 12 October, 2020 av Max Pettersson |

A lease was signed this Friday between Science Village Scandinavia AB and Skanska for the planned concert hall in The Loop. “This flexible venue provides excellent opportunities for Lund and Science Village to attract international visitors. Having this type of congress and event facility in Science Village adds value for both ESS and MAX IV, as well as supports the future university campus. It also provides a place for cultural events in the area,” says Christian Lindfors, CEO at Science Village Scandinavia AB.

The lack of proper congress and conference venues in Lund has been widely discussed for several years. Now, the Science Village company will become a tenant in Skanska’s first building in the area, The Loop. The congress and event venue, with an estimated inauguration in 2023, has a capacity of 1.000 people, and is adapted for both concerts and lectures, but can also be remade for banquettes, exhibitions and trade shows. The tramway stops a couple of meters from the venue, which practically means that it’s within 14 minutes’ reach from Lund Central Station.

“It’s great to have the agreement in place for the venue, guaranteeing its realization. It’s a clever setup with joint functions and usage areas, substantially lowering the cost of each individual function compared to a traditional setup. The building, along with the area, will also be utilized to a higher extent with a diversity of visitors outside standard business hours. This is a great example of collaboration and innovation in line with the qualities of the area,” says Hans Fransson, Senior Business Developer, Skanska

Science Village Scandinavia AB’s purpose is to develop an ecosystem around ESS and MAX IV. This type of venue is an important piece of the puzzle when realizing the vision of effectively connecting the research facilities with regional, national, and international research and innovation systems. Earlier this year, Vinnova proposed that a national science park should be established in Science Village.

“We think that it’s very exciting that another step is taken towards creating a central point, which is both national and international, realizing the ambitions in place for the Brunnshög area and the facilities’ role in Sweden,” says Rebecca Hollertz at Vinnova.

MAX IV and ESS have been very clear in their request for a meeting facility in Science Village that can be used for both internal meetings, and international symposiums and lectures. The establishment of Lund University in Science Village also benefits from having access to a large assembly hall at an early stage, that can be used for lectures as well as scientific conferences.

“We’re very enthusiastic about the opportunties a meeting venue of this magnitude presents for us. This facility will be an excellent place for science conferences, user meetings, and gatherings between academia and industry, which will become more and more important for us as the number of researchers utilizing MAX IV grows. We look forward to the attractive environment, planned in the Science Village, making this possible,” says Ian McNulty, Director of MAX IV.

This venue means that the area has a function that creates interactions and movement outside business hours. It can house a multitude of events, as it’s possible to swiftly rearrange it for large science conferences, national & international congresses, lectures, cultural events, and concerts. Group areas for a total of 500 people, as well as a restaurant, is also being planned in the building. The event organizer Altitude Meetings already has a major lease in the building.

“It’s completely natural that Science Village takes responsibility for this lease. The venue presents a unique opportunity to create a flexible meeting point that strengthens the unity and attraction of the area from day one. Science Village will be a smelting pot for ideas and innovation, and to have this resource in place at an early stage feels fantastic,” says Christian Lindfors, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia AB.