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Archive for October, 2019

Botanical Park and Lund’s new Science Center

Publicerad: 3 October, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

Amendment (10/10): previously advertised guided tours in Vindarnas Park have been cancelled – instead, the park will be open for (unguided) visits between 10:00 – 14:30 (please note that the gates will be locked at 14:30).

Science Village Scandinavia opens Vindarnas Park and exhibits the plans for Lund Science Center. The Science Center, which is due to be completed in 2024 and will be located at the heart of Science Village, is expected to receive at least 150,000 visitors a year. The activities at the Science Center will create a window into the operations of ESS and MAX IV, as well as other exciting research environments in the Lund-Malmö region. The Science Center could be described as a public knowledge and experience center, where interactive exhibitions show how the natural world works, where new scientific findings and innovations are presented, and where facts are placed in a context. The architectural contest for the Science Center ended this summer. During the Kulturnatten (the “Night of Culture”) public event this autumn, visitors will have an opportunity to find out more about the design of the building and the activities that will take place there in the future. Don’t miss this great chance to learn more about southern Sweden’s Science Center! We will be on location at Möllegården between 10:00-14:30 during Kulturnatten.

Vindarnas Park is located between MAX IV and central Science Village. A botanical park covering 6 hectares. No less than 30,000 plants from all corners of the world have been planted in the park. The plants, which were planted in 2014, require a few more years before they reach their full glory, but even now it is possible to see a number of unusual and exotic varieties. The park is normally closed to the public, in order to protect the young plants during their growth and development, but during Kulturnatten the area will be open to visitors.

The 370-year-old Odarslövs Mölla windmill will also be open to visitors during Kulturnatten. Experienced guides will be on hand to talk about ESS and MAX IV in the MAXESS visitor centre (Möllegården), and coffee will be served all day, along with delicious rye bread.

Book discussion: Big science in a small town (Oct 15)

Publicerad: 3 October, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

During Lund University’s Future Week, a book discussion will be held about the book Big Science in a Small Town. The discussion will focus on future challenges, priorities and political research strategies. With a panel of knowledgeable and insightful individuals, including the book’s author, attendees can look forward to an interesting discussion on important future issues related to the establishment of ESS and MAX IV in Lund.

Mikael Eriksson, Professor of Accelerator Physics, chief designer of MAX IV.
Peter Honeth, former University Director of Lund University and State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Education.
Olof Hallonsten, Doctorate in Research Policy, Associate Professor of Sociology and author of the book. Member of staff at Lund University’s School of Economics and Management.
Yasemin Arhan Modéer, CEO, Process Manager and Project Manager, Altitude Meetings.

Moderator: Trine Grönlund.

Time and place: 15 October between 16.00-18.00 in the Nya Fest hall at the AF Borgen building in Lund.

Afternoon tea from 15.30.

As the number of places is limited, please note that pre-registration is required.

All registered attendees will receive the book in advance to enable their participation in the discussion.
The event is free-of-charge and is part of Lund University’s Future Week, 14-20 October 2019.

Register here: https://www.lu.se/event/big-science-i-framtidens-lund