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This is the design for Lund’s new Science Center!

Publicerad: 4 July, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

This past Wednesday, the winning proposal for Lund’s new Science Center was uncovered during an event at the Almedalen political convention. The building is made of glass and wood and will contain everything from scientific games to lectures on ethics. The award went to the architecture agency COBE, which has designed buildings such as the museum for youth culture, Ragnarock, in Roskilde.

The new Science Center in Science Village will hold 3,500 m² of exhibition spaces, as well as a restaurant, gift shop and auditorium. The building has a spacious inner courtyard where you can sit down in the shadow of a tree or take part in lectures. The roof is covered with solar panels to support the electricity consumption needs of the center. The building will also be heated in wintertime with residual heat from MAX IV and ESS.
The winning architecture agency COBE, headquartered in Copenhagen, offered the following statement about the project:

The ambitions for the design of the museum have been exceedingly high, and we feel that we were successful in creating a unique and inviting building. With the open inner courtyard and the concave rooftop, it renders a dramatic, elegant profile that stands out and creates innovative, unique opportunities for the purpose of a museum. Meanwhile, we have also considered the aspects of climate, environment and sustainability right at the outset of the process. By using wood as the primary building material, using solar panels and residual heating, and establishing an inner courtyard filled with great biodiversity and a rainwater reservoir, we have reached our goal to create a carbon neutral building, if constructed as planned. Our aspiration as an architecture agency is to continue to focus on and keep improving our designs for sustainable buildings in the future, with consideration for coming generations and the general wellbeing of the earth.” Spoken by Dan Stubbergaard, architect and founder of COBE.

The building, expected to be completed in 2024, has a strong profile and estimates a flow of at least 150,000 visitors a year. The Science Center activities will create a window into the operations of both ESS and MAX IV, as well as other exciting research environments in the Lund-Malmö region. The center may be described as a public knowledge and experience center, where mostly interactive formats show how nature works, where new scientific findings and innovations may be presented, and where facts are placed within a context.

An important part of the center is the auditorium, where science shows will be presented, and where current issues will be debated, such as topics of climate change and ethical considerations surrounding AI.

“With an elegant overarching form and soft shapes, Meeting Science will now take possession of the contest land parcel. The symmetrical building has the imprint of a simple and characteristic architecture, which stands as a chip on a collective landscape floor. …The proposal’s interior spaces let the exhibitions assume center stage…” from the Jury’s statement.

The building is a stone’s throw away from the tram end station ‘ESS’, and is expected to offer educational experiences for both young and old. Having made a final decision on the design of the building, we are taking an important step forward in the process.

We are thrilled to finally have a ready architecture design proposal to work with, and we have great confidence in COBE’s ability to deliver both quality and creativity to this type of project. The building is esthetically and functionally pleasing and will, in addition to becoming a wonderful Science Center, also be a beautiful landmark in Science Village and Lund,” says Peter Andersson, project manager for the Science Center project at Science Village Scandinavia.

Image credit: COBE

Contact Science Village Scandinavia AB
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Contact COBE
Stine Lund Hansen, COBE
Director of Business Development and Communication
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