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Archive for February, 2019

Land acquired by Skanska, Wihlborgs and LKP

Publicerad: 27 February, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

Three different parties have now gained access to four plots of land in Science Village. With the approval of the zoning plan in August 2018, the first developers have been able to acquire land from Science Village Scandinavia AB. As a result, the project planning process can now continue, and they will soon be breaking ground. Wihlborgs is acquiring the property where Space is planned as well as the plot to the west of Space, where premises are planned for office space, labs, training and service. Skanska is acquiring the plot on the southern side of Rydbergs Torg where The Loop is planned, while LKP has acquired a plot where one of the area’s two car parks will be built.

Both The Loop and Space are good examples of the dynamics of the area, with Space providing guest accommodation for visiting researchers and users of the facilities, and The Loop providing the area’s first premises for companies and institutions. Both buildings also contain areas for the public, with restaurants and areas suitable for exhibitions. A large concert hall/auditorium is also being built in The Loop.

LKP will be building the car parks in Science Village, but initially, outdoor parking will be offered to those commuting by car. As Science Village continues to grow, LKP will build modern car parking facilities in the area.

Lund University appoints project group

Publicerad: 16 February, 2019 av Max Pettersson |

On the 15th of February, Lund University’s Board formally assigned a project group the task of developing the plans for LU’s establishment in Science Village. The group, under the leadership of professor Olle Söderman, will develop scenarios 2 and 3 in more concrete and in-depth detail. The scenarios are described in the report “Lund University’s establishment in Science Village” here (in Swedish).

The plans that are set out in the earlier report provide Lund University with good opportunities to form a close association with two world-leading research facilities within the materials field, with potentially significant effects for both its own research and the university’s international profile. Furthermore, the establishment of activities in Science Village provides an opportunity to create a modern campus environment in close proximity, not only to the facilities, but also to innovation-driven industry and the area’s international research community.

“The work is progressing at a good rate with regard to the establishment of activities in Science Village Scandinavia, SVS.” Torbjörn von Schantz, from The Vice-Chancellor’s Blog (in Swedish)

Science Village is pleased to know that the work is progressing well, with widespread support from both the Vice-Chancellor and the Board. The presence of Lund University is of major importance to the Village and the area’s profile as an environment for knowledge and innovation.