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Archive for December, 2018

Lab and Beyond

Publicerad: 19 December, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

Skånemotor (Johan Wester), Folke Rydén Produktion and Science Village have embarked upon a joint initiative to develop 100 ideas for the development of Science Village and the surrounding area. The project, Laband Beyond, is intended to identify good ideas in a number of different fields; from cultural content in the district to welcome packages for visitors, on to interventions in the urban environment and content ideas for the planned Science Centre.

Learn more at The Lab and Beyond here.

Architectural design competition for new Science Centre underway

Publicerad: 19 December, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

Science Village has been tasked with establishing a science centre within Science Village. This new centre will provide apedagogical window on ESS and MAX IV and will explain the technologies andresearch at both facilities. The centre will also be home to a number of other exhibitions aimed at giving a broad view of the scientific enquiry andinnovation being conducted in Lund and Skåne. The planned centre will cover an area of between 5,000 and 6,000 m2 and will also present extensive programmed activities linked to exhibitions.

“A Science Centre of this scale will be able to offer something for everybody, from experiment stations for visiting eighth-grade classes to major themed exhibitions for an older public, as well as events in the form of lecture series and science shows,” says Peter Andersson, development manager for the new Science Centre at Science Village.

An architectural design competition was announced earlier in the autumn. The first phase – the submission of expressions of interest – is now closed and it was pleasing to receive applications from over 40 architectural practices. The four architectural practices chosen to progress in the competition will be notified in mid-January. It is planned for the competition to commence in the second half of January.

Once the proposals have been submitted in April, a Winner will be chosen; only then will the names of the finalists be revealed to the jury. The winning proposal will form the basis for the new building.

Lund University at Science Village

Publicerad: 19 December, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

During the autumn, Lund University’s drafting committeeLU@SVS prepared a more detailed proposal for how some of the university’s operations might be established at Science Village. After a thoroughinvestigation, including study visits and meetings with a wide range of stakeholder groups, at the end of November LU@SVS published its final report.

This report advanced two possible alternatives: Alternative A was to refrain under the present circumstances from any establishment at Science Village, while Alternative B was to commence work to establish operations in the area. On 14 December, the University Board adopted Alternative B and a project group has now been activated to move this workforward.

“In a first phase, we will be looking at how research activities with a close link to MAX IV and ESS, together with supportfunctions, can be moved out. This affects large parts of the Department of Physics, parts of the Department of Chemistry, CMU, Linxs, Lunarc and parts of Mechanical Engineering/Electrical and Information Technology. Initially we expect second and third-cycle study programmes to be conducted there. This phase will affect in the region of 600 people. However, there remain many issues regarding any transfer of first-cycle study programmes, which will require further investigation.” Torbjörn von Schantz in the Vice-Chancellor’s Blog (read the full post {in Swedish)

Naturally, Science Village looks extremely positively on Lund University’s ambition to move closer geographically to both MAX IV and ESS – this is in line with our vision of a Science Village in which academia, the business community and the general public will work side by side.

The Bridge Summit

Publicerad: 19 December, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

The Bridge is a platform that gathers stakeholders from academia, the private and public sectors and research environments throughout Skåne and eastern Denmark. The aim of The Bridge is to generate solutions to the major global challenges of the age. The Bridge Summit 2019 will take placeon 30-31 January 2019 at Studio in Malmö, with a full programme of events.

In its role as a partner, Science Village is pleased to offer a discounted registration fee of SEK 2,000 (normal price SEK 3,500) – use your discount here. Learn more about the Bridge Summit here. See you there!