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Archive for September, 2018

SWEbeams delivers final report

Publicerad: 6 September, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

The national project SWEbeams has over the last year gathered some 300 different stakeholders from business, research institutes and academia for workshops and meetings in order to gather proposals on how the potential of ESS and MAX IV can be realized. SWEbeams complements and expands on the Swedish governments national strategy for ESS (published May -18). SWEbeams is through this work developing a solid foundation for future efforts in this field.

The project has identified opportunities and needs in relation to the Swedens main challenges in regard to ESS and MAX IV and their research- and innovation arena. From these needs and opportunities five main strands of tasks have been set out:

  • Develop and execute a national implementation plan for ESS and MAX IV
  • Stimulate use and excellence
  • Enhanced cooperation
  • Attract international talent and business
  • Develop the research and innovation arena.

For every strand there are multiple recommendations and actionable tasks. The final report presented 37 recommendations and proposed measures for how the Swedish Government’s national strategy for ESS can be translated into concrete actions.

With regard to Science Village, the final report notes. among other things, that:

The research and innovation arena for ESS and MAX IV, Science Village, must fulfil two fundamental functions. Firstly, it must be an vital and attractive environment that facilitates continuous dialogue and cooperation between stakeholders in materials and life science, and that gives appeal to the arena – what is known as the ‘science park function’. Secondly, it must provide an appropriate physical environment with facilities for offices, laboratories, training and innovation activities, as well as accommodation, services, shops, conferences and meetings, transport, infrastructure etc.

Download the final report from SWEbeams to the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova here (in Swedish)

Download the Swedish Government’s National Strategy for ESS here (in Swedish)


Culture night – the opening of Odarslöv Mill in Science Village

Publicerad: 6 September, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

The carpenters having completed their work some time ago, Odarslöv Mill now has sails and paint. On 15 September we will take the opportunity to open the newly renovated, and beautiful, mill, as well as highlight the area’s long agricultural tradition and spend a full day celebrating the miller’s art.

At 13:00 on Saturday 15/9 we will be holding an informal opening ceremony for the old post mill. However, activities will be underway at 09:00. During the day, there will be cultural heritage lectures, mill tours and grinding by the miller from Lilla Harrie Valskvarn. Coffee will be served together with tastings of historic breads designed by Broder Jakob’s Artisan Bakery to celebrate the occasion.

Science Village staff will be on hand throughout the day to answer questions about the area’s development.


Detail plan approved – preparations now underway to break ground!

Publicerad: 6 September, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

I am delighted to announce that 2019 will see cranes erected for the construction of Science Village, with the first tenants moving in during 2021. With the approval of the first detail plan for Science Village, next year Wihlborgs and Skanska will be able to begin work on the first two buildings in the area. Both buildings will provide vital support functions for ESS and MAX IV in the form of accommodation for visiting researchers, meeting facilities and restaurants.

Both Wihlborgs’ Space and Skanska’s The Loop are fine examples of everything that Science Village can and will become. Because the fact is that Big Science is contagious; ESS and MAX IV, with their world-class technologies, will attract not only visiting researchers in need of accommodation, food and entertainment, it will also attract innovative businesses, students and qualified jobs that will help Lund, Skåne and Sweden to grow.

With the capacity and appeal of ESS and MAX IV behind it, Science Village is now taking shape. Already in the first detail plan it is easy to discern the nature of the district; a place for academia, business and the general public. Here, a concert goer will eat dinner beside a British research team, a curious school class will share the tram with a director of research and a visiting researcher at ESS will prepare samples together with Swedish colleagues. This is what Science Village is all about, and that is just the beginning.

With good prospects,

Ulrika Lindmark, CEO, Science Village Scandinavia AB