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Archive for January, 2018

The Science Center of the Future

Publicerad: 16 January, 2018 av Peter Andersson |

What will the science centre of the future look like? What conditions do we have in Lund and Skåne for building a unique and exciting public centre for science and innovation?

How can we encourage scientists to work with designers to create innovative exhibitions that attract a large public?

On 24 November, some 20 individuals met in Lund to begin the quest for answers to these questions. Those attending included representatives from Lund University, the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, Vattenhallen Science Center, Region Skåne’s Culture Committee, Lund’s Culture and Leisure Services Department, Future by Lund and Malmö Museum Science Center. Special guests were Aisling Murray, Exhibitions Producer at Science Gallery Dublin and Marcos Garcia, Director of Medialab-Prado in Madrid. Aisling and Marcos presented their successful and internationally recognised organisations, with a particular focus on the creative process and how they have succeeded in creating cross-border collaborations.

The seminar was arranged by Science Village Scandinavia’s Science Centre Project. The seminar resulted in concrete proposals for direction and purpose. There can be no doubt that good conditions for success exist in Lund and the surrounding area. However, one factor for success is to identify forms of collaboration and to designate those who are to take the leading role in driving such collaborations – something that is not without complexity.

Discussions will continue during spring 2018 under the leadership of the Science Center Project. A number of groups will be formed in which these issues will be broken down into concrete action plans.

If you would like to know more, please contact peter.andersson@sciencevillage.com.

SWEbeams now up and running!

Publicerad: 15 January, 2018 av Peter Andersson |


Autumn saw the launch of the national SWEbeams project. The purpose of the initiative is to gather stakeholders in ESS, MAX IV and the nearby research and innovation arena, and to compile their strategies, plans, needs and conditions for utilising the facilities.

The project will result in:

  1. A joint, long-term national vision and strategy with regard to ESS/MAX IV/SVS.
  2. A concrete basis for the next political proposition on research to support this strategy.
  3. Forms/structures/organisation of a national collaboration platform that can “own” the strategy.

On 24 November, the project held its first major workshop in Stockholm, and during the spring plans will be made for follow-up meetings and activities in Umeå, Gothenburg and Skåne.

These will take place between September 2017 and July 2018, in close cooperation with stakeholders, ESS and MAX IV and led by Chalmers. Region Skåne and Science Village Scandinavia will contribute to the implementation of the project.

Link to website: http://www.swebeams.se/

For further information, please contact Fredrik Melander (fredrik.melander@sciencevillage.com).