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See the web series Happy Street online

Publicerad: 16 June, 2017 av Peter Andersson |

Science Village Scandinavia has supported the recording of the web series Happy Street at Brunnshög.

The series is produced by Tiny Lumberjack in collaboration with Film i Skåne and with support from Maxlab, ESS, Medicon Village, City of Lund and Science Village. The ambition and hope is that the series will also reach an international audience. Happy Street is shot in and around Lund and had premier on 16 September.

“Filming in such exciting locations has been an unbelievable opportunity and, together with an absolutely superb cast, this has brought both excitement and humour to the story. I’m looking forward tremendously to completing the remainder of the work,” says director Thérèse Ahlbeck.

The cast: Marianne Mörck, Kryddan Peterson, Johannes Wanselow, Marika Kajo, Åsa Borglin, Per Löfberg, Ahnna Rasch, Frans Zethraeus, Tova Dahan, Tomas Ahlbeck, Sten Erici, Aron Erici, Jonas Sykfont, Ingvar Andersson and Boel Marie Larsson.

Address for the new website is:

The site already features the very latest production stills by Peo Olsson.

“Happy Street is a crime-comedy-series about what happens when a scientist comes up with an idea too good to be true. Or what happens when a cop has had too much to drink. Or what happens when two young archeologists dig where they are not supposed to be digging.” If you want to know more, contact producer Marcus A Olsson at marcus@tinylumberjack.se or 0709-184074.

Science Village Scandinavia wishes everyone involved the best of luck with the shoot and looks forward to the premier.