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Archive for November, 2016

The Director for Urban Planning on the benefits of Science Village

Publicerad: 8 November, 2016 av Peter Andersson |

The initial zoning plan process for Science Village is complete and nearing adoption. Prior to this phase of the project, we asked Lund’s Director of Urban Planning, Marcus Horning, for his views on the benefits of implementing the Science Village.

“It’s exciting to work on the realisation and development of the Science Village of Scandinavia. The area has the potential to become an interesting and dynamic place that unites the best of several worlds. A place where business, academia and citizens can find a common platform. It is also in this interface between the various interested parties that we see the benefits of the research facilities. SVS is therefore an important, indeed crucial, piece of the puzzle for the region and the country in extracting the maximum possible benefits. Taken on their own merits, ESS and Max IV are interesting enough. When combined with business, research and other stakeholders, something even more fantastic takes place. The Skåne Region and local municipalities have worked together for many years on the TITA Project. The purpose of that Project was to identify the measures needed to maximise the benefits of ESS and Max IV. An integrated urban research environment with direct access was an important factor. This is what we are now jointly attempting to achieve.

The zoning plan for SVS, which will soon be presented for adoption, is the number one priority. This will provide the springboard for the creation of this vital platform and for obtaining the maximum societal benefits. Something we will all stand to gain from.”

For Science Village’s part, the completion of the zoning plan is the final piece of the puzzle needed before construction can begin in the area. We thank Marcus Horning for his positive words and look forward to starting work on the site!mhorning

Strategic forum in Copenhagen on Science Village

Publicerad: 8 November, 2016 av Peter Andersson |

Science Village Scandinavia is one of the participants in the EU-financed project ESS & MAX IV: Cross Border Science and Society. Within the framework of the project, on 10 October Science Village took part in a strategic forum in Copenhagen on the theme of Science Village Scandinavia from a cross-border regional perspective.

Over 50 delegates received a general introduction to the ideas behind Science Village before participating in a discussions on how everyone can contribute to extracting the maximum benefit from the area when construction is complete.

Ulrika Lindmark, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia, spoke on the ideas, opportunities and building plans for Science Village and compared the project with other global initiatives.

Margaretha Andersson, senior advisor at Uppsala University, spoke about why Uppsala University has made the decision to establish themselves at Science Village and the potential they see in close physical proximity to ESS and MAX IV.

The final presentation was from Arne Jensen, project manager at the Danish Big Science Secretariat at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), who spoke about the opportunities presented by industries establishing themselves at Science Village.

These three presentations inspired many interesting discussions and questions from the audience; on everything from student life in Science Village to technical support for companies wishing to prepare tests and get help in using ESS and MAX IV. And, not least, how Danish universities can get involved in the continued work.

One concrete result of the day was an agreement on a meeting between the three Danish universities, Lund University and Science Village at which discussions on future collaborations can continue.

Science Village participated in the High Level Forum at Grenoble in 2016

Publicerad: 8 November, 2016 av Peter Andersson |

In September 2016, Science Village Scandinavia was part of the Lund delegation that travelled to the High Level Forum in Grenoble. The High Level Forum at Grenoble is an annual conference that brings together delegates from innovative ecosystems around the world. This year’s conference was attended by 90 delegates representing 19 different innovative ecosystems. The intention of the conference is to create a global network based on innovative ecosystems, by means of which members can share knowledge and experience with one another. Included among the ecosystems represented were Stanford and Argonne in the United States, Tsukuba in Japan, Harwell/Oxford in the UK and Technion in Haifa, Israel.

Lund was the only invited ecosystem group from Sweden. The Lund delegation consisted of Anders Almgren (City of Lund), Jonas Gallon (Innovation Skåne), Mia Rolf (Ideon) and Ulrika Lindmark (Science Village Scandinavia).

The theme of the conference varies from year to year and this year’s theme was Collaborative Creativity. Previous years have touched on such themes as Innovation and City, Promising Innovation Areas och Commercialisation of Research Results.

More information is available at www.hlf-giant-grenoble.org