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Archive for December, 2015

Positive decision on light rail

Publicerad: 25 December, 2015 av Ulrika Lindmark |

December 17, 2015 is a historic date in the development of Science Village. Two positive decisions concerning the tramway were made on the same day. First of all news of the financing of the tramway from the state urban environment authority and later in the day the decision was made to construct the tram route from Lund C to ESS by Lund City Council.

The tramway is a priority project and an attractive public transport mode. In addition it is a step in the right direction towards creating a sustainable Science Village. It is very important that trams are established early on in the expansion of the district since it enhances the probability that the tram becomes the preferred method of travel to Brunnshög.


Vision images by Metro Arkitekter

Currently the terminus station is planned to be located in the heart of Science Village. In its immediate vicinity the guest researcher accommodation, the restaurant and educational facilities are planned including the Visitor Centre. The decision on the tramline will make the researchers’ and the employees’ journeys much smoother.

Visitor Centre will be self-sufficient in electricity

Publicerad: 17 December, 2015 av Ulrika Lindmark |

As an initial first step to reach the goal of “Brunnshög becoming a European model for sustainable urban planning” Science Village Scandinavia and Kraftringen are collaborating in an energy project that will result in the Visitor Centre for the ESS and MAX IV being self-sufficient in electricity.

To accomplish this a hybrid power plant will be located close to the newly renovated visitor centre. The power plant, a Giraffe 2.0, will provide the building with electricity via both solar cells and wind power. The Giraffe will be supplied by the Swedish innovation company InnoVentum.

The Giraffe is expected to generate electricity surplus to our needs, which can then be sold to the grid. Such a hybrid power plant does not need more than a 25 m2 footprint which makes it easy to place on the SVS site. The Giraffe is built with a framework of wood, derived from sustainably-managed forests, and recycled steel.

Kraftringen is Science Village Scandinavia’s energy partner. The partnership covers a collaboration aimed at finding innovative energy and mobility solutions to meet Brunnshög’s vision. The hybrid power plant is the first visible example of our cooperation.

The renovation of the Visitor Centre was completed at the end of 2015. It is located in the former Miller’s House, close to the 17th century wooden windmill which is now to be renovated. An exhibition of ESS and MAX IV is soon to be installed in the building. The exhibition area will be avialiable to be booked for interested Groups.

Kraftringen and Science Village Scandinavia will make Lund more sustainable

Publicerad: 11 December, 2015 av Ulrika Lindmark |

Kraftringen and Science Village Scandinavia has recently signed a cooperation agreement aimed at creating more sustainable solutions in Lund’s new neighborhood Brunnshög. All who wish to establish themselves in the Science Village Scandinavia have to follow the cooperation agreement guidelines for sustainable transport and energy solutions.The vision is that in Lund new green neighborhood Brunnshög will be locally produced renewable energy and sustainable transport. Science Village Scandinavia is the part of Brunnhög which will be built between the ESS and MAX IV. The district will universities, research institutes and companies to have their businesses. In addition, there will be service functions, like temporary accommodations, restaurants and meeting places for visiting researchers, employees and the public.

The energy used in the Science Village will be both renewable and locally produced, and as the primary heating, the heating used. A source of renewable locally produced energy is residual heat from research facilities, as Kraftringen take advantage of its district heating network.

kraftringen_logo_CMYK (1)

Kraftringen will offer construction and real estate as well as district heating grid and power fiber connection. Kraftringen and Science Village Scandinavia will also, along with contractors and construction companies, creating new and innovative solutions for energy and transportation in the district.

– With strong partners and high ambitions for sustainability and innovative solutions, we can ensure that we build a neighborhood world-class, says Ulrika Lindmark, President of the Science Village Scandinavia AB.

– We look forward to an exciting and stimulating collaboration with the Science Village Scandinavia, which contributes to the achievement of sustainability goals in Brunnshög concludes Kraft Ring CEO, Sylvia Michel.

Chinese interest in the Science Village

Publicerad: 2 December, 2015 av Ulrika Lindmark |

In May 2015 we were pleased to welcome a Chinese delegation to Lund. During their visit, a Letter of Intent was signed between Lund Municipality, Shenzhen DXHR Science and Technology, and Cleantech Scandinavia with the goal of working towards the establishment of an International Cleantech Centre in Lund.

In November, the Chinese visit was reciprocated by a delegation from Lund Municipality, headed by Anders Almgren, the Mayor, who made a return visit to Shanghai.


Hope for a future Chinese Cleantech Center in Science Village

The Chinese group expressed the intention of establishing itself in Science Village, and work has begun to flesh out the content, timelines and funding of this plan. It is hoped that the initiative will result in the construction of a Chinese Cleantech Centre at Science Village in the near future.